Wanted: Interns, Administrators and/or Clones

The last few weekends have really brought into focus the fact that I need help!  Have you ever tried to pitch a six-man tent by yourself?  How about shoot videos and still pics at the same time?  How about be in five places at once?  I had a ball but ran myself ragged at @Jam at the Dam 7/7.  This weekend I am invited to shows in Lancaster, York, Marietta, Bethlehem, Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Rehoboth Beach.  I can barely keep up with the Facebook and Twitter traffic, let alone be at all these shows at once.

That’s where you come in.  You live in these places, love live music and use these social medias.  Would you like to lend a hand?

I am seeking some dedicated Facebookers and Tweeters to help administrate my accounts.  All you need to do is Like, Share/Retweet and Comment on the music, event and travel news you are already following.  I would love to make you an Admin on my Gigspots page!

I have an Internship position posted at York College of PA and am working to get one posted at Millersville, F&M, Wilkes, Pitt and Temple.  Does your major require an internship?  If you are majoring in Business, Communications, Music Industry, Travel/Tourism or some other related field, Gigspots.com might have the position you’ve been looking for.  Here’s the description.

Gigspots.com Intern Position Description

Thanks you for your interest in Gigspots.com!  Gigspots.com is a sole-proprietor, web-based, start-up company built to provide its internet audience with the resources to find, preview and access bands, live music venues and travel discounts in PA, MD, DE and NJ.  The website was launched in April, 2011.  It is linked to a Facebook page and Twitter account and has its own blog and YouTube channel.  Gigspots.com also has begun to stage and promote its own concerts beginning with a concert at The Boondocks Club, York Haven, PA, in February of 2012.

The company’s mission is to provide the resources described above and to grow as a presence both on the internet and in the mid-Atlantic region.  Tourism drives a large part of the region’s economy and we seek to fill the niche for people who enjoy making live music part of their travel experiences.  Our region is brimming with talented musicians and live music venues that complement the many attractions that already draw millions of visitors.

As an intern for Gigspots.com, your duties may include:

  • Researching the entertainment and tourism industries
  • Developing marketing strategies and tools
  • Identifying target audiences and niche markets
  • Contributing to social networking projects
  • Data entry of venue schedules and events
  • Communicating with bands, venues and brand representatives
  • Coordinating interaction between clients and trade publications
  • Writing reviews of shows, bands, venues, music releases and travel destinations
  • Filming/documenting performances, interviews and special events
  • Representing Gigspots.com at events, performances and marketing meetings

You will report directly to and work with owner Sam Campbell.  Your performance evaluation will be based on several criteria including:

  • Ability to complete duties as described in a timely, responsible manner
  • Professionalism and conviviality in communications with clients/social networking
  • Creativity and enthusiasm in development/implementation of marketing tools
  • Accountability for company equipment and merchandise

Interested applicants should send a letter of interest and resume to Sam@gigspots.com.  They should have a Facebook account, reliable transportation, a personable demeanor and a genuine interest in live music, tourism, travel and/or social marketing and business development.

As for clones: does the world really need more of me running around?  I would do almost anything to help my friends in the music/arts/entertainment/tourism businesses but not at the risk of ruining these communities I serve.  So forget the clones.  But consider joining my cause.  What if the music stopped?

Happy Birthday Gigspots!

My site was launched April 18, 2011.  I am very proud of how it looks now and how it has grown.  I hope you have enjoyed the show and I thank everyone who has helped me, encouraged me and offered constructive criticism.  It has been a wonderful learning experience and I feel more confident that I can help you find great music experiences.

I’m a pack rat by nature.  I get it from my mom who lived through the Depression and has never thrown away anything.  I also belong to an art group: The Airy Hill School.  I can’t paint or sculpt like those guys but I make a mean collage.  Here’s a view of my office wall.  I can’t describe how much fun it’s been to see all these shows and meet all these people.  I will tag everybody I can but count on me adding more later!

stubs and fliers

Thanks for the shows!

Super-Mega Music Wizard

This blog originally ran April 4, 2012.  I still haven’t won the lottery but I’d still do the same things with the money.

Super-Mega Music Wizard

Ok, I didn’t win $300 million on Saturday.  I had big plans for that money.  Of course, the odds of winning were about the same as becoming an all-powerful wizard.  So while I keep rubbing that lamp, here’s what I would have done with the money.

I would buy one of the unused warehouses or factories in Lancaster and turn it into a grand music venue: maybe 800-1,200 seats.  The demand exists and major touring artists pass us by every day.  Why should Lancaster be the only town around here without one?

I also would buy The Chameleon Club and Lancaster Dispensing Company.  I love them and wish they were mine.  I don’t envision a lot of changes.  Although, I would install a state-of-the-art sound system in DipCo and I would offer Rich Ruoff a fortune to oversee the music in both.   Of course, the restaurant and nightclub businesses are money pits with no guarantee of return.  If that weren’t true, I would have bought The Blue Star years ago.

I also would convince Clipper Stadium to start staging concerts again in the summer.  Outdoor concerts are special and money talks.  I saw Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson at The Clip!  Do you remember the crowd for Bryan Adams?  I could even afford to buy a weekend getaway for all the neighbors who complain about the noise.

I would provide shuttle busses to/from Long’s Park for the Summer Sunday Concerts.  We could do pick-ups at every Weis grocery in the county and at the downtown bus terminal.  I love the shows but parking is a drag.

Speaking of buses, we need public transportation to/from the city after 6pm.  Even one bus on each major “pike” leaving Lancaster at 10pm could be a boon to downtown businesses, especially on First Fridays and Music Fridays.  It would ease traffic congestion and appeal to non-drivers and imbibers.  How many more meals could be served and artworks sold?  How many more people could enjoy the conviviality of these awesome evenings and see that downtown is not so scary?  I could subsidize those buses.  Maybe public transportation could get a bounce from it.  After living in Europe for 19 months, I realized what a shame it is that America turned its back on buses and trains.

I would create scholarships directly linked to community building and the arts.  We need our colleges to play a larger role in the shape and flavor of events in Lancaster.  F&M, Millersville, PCAD, Stevens, HACC and YTI all bring energized, curious young people downtown.  Let’s give them a greater voice and see what kind of richness they envision for our fair town.

I would throw a ton of money at charities.  My favorites in town are Music For Everyone, Water Street Rescue Mission, and Milagro House.  They say that once you get wealth, people come out of the woodwork with open palms.  I’m just dreaming here, but maybe you’ll dream with me.  What would you have me do with the money?  What would you do with it? Maybe if we team up, we can create community wealth and magic without becoming millionaires or wizards.