August Chronicles III: Pasadena Goes Looney’s

The August Chronicles III: Pasadena Goes Looney’s!

When I heard Pasadena was playing a place called Looney’s North in Bel Air, MD, I made two phone calls.  The first was to Pirate Rob to thank him for booking the band within an easy drive of Lancaster.  The second was to Ryan: party pal, fellow Airy Hillian, audiophile, concert lover and Bel Air native.  A road trip was born!

I’m a big Pasadena fan.  I knew their latest cd was about to drop and a coast-to-coast tour was imminent.  I wanted to see the band, wish them well and try to snag some advanced copies of the cd.  I didn’t get the cd’s but we were treated to a stellar night of music.

This was my first time seeing the band without a trumpet player.  I noticed it right away since they opened with “NFS.”  I think Joey should play those opening notes on harmonica, or the whole band should take up kazoos.  I’d hate to see the song pulled from the playlist but that trumpet call was like a call to arms for me.  I really missed the sound as they began with “NFS” but honestly, I rarely thought about it the rest of the night.

The new songs will be favorites before long!  We heard “St. Augustine,” “Paper Bag,” “If I Don’t Make it Home,” “Great Wide World” and the new theme “Nowhere Fast.”  They have that signature reggae/rock sound and Joey’s thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics.  I think anybody who liked Sublime even a little would love Pasadena, especially live!  They rounded out the first set with “Ron’s Song,” “Realize,” and “Spinning Wheel” so no worries that all our old favorites are going away.

As for Looney’s North: this is a GREAT sports bar with serious food and a million TV’s big and small.  They had dozens of beers to choose from, cheap food and drink specials and a fun, stadium-like atmosphere going.  The Orioles were playing and the Ravens had a pre-season game so the band got delayed until halftime.  I’m from Pittsburgh so neither of those teams is my favorite but I had to admire the team spirit and conviviality of all the patrons gathered to cheer it and beer it.  Plus, it gave Ryan and I a chance to eat some great burgers and wings and sip a few Natty Bo’s before the show.  The stage, sound and lighting for the show were impressive!

NOTE: The show was August 23rd but I wrote this October 23rd.  Pasadena and Bumpin’ Uglies have been on the “Nowhere Fast” tour since September 23rd and killing it all across the country.  They are in Texas tonight and headed east.  I can’t wait to see them again live but for now I and you and everyone can enjoy videos of their Looney’s North show at