Au Revior LRB

I haven’t blogged much lately because I’ve been blue.  I’m sharing today that I am no longer contracted to Lancaster Roots and Blues, A Festival of Music, as the director of operations.  Mr. Rich Ruoff fired me on June 20.  I questioned his judgement one time too many I guess.  If you want another version of the story, you will have to ask him about it.  If you would like to comment, please do so here!  If you have comments or questions about LRB, please direct them to Mr. Ruoff.

I’m very proud of the work and investment I made in the festival over its first three years.  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and I hope it thrives for many years to come.  Thank you Lancaster for being a great city for the event.  Thank you to the venues and the artists for your outstanding connection to the attendees.  Thank you to the restaurants who helped me feed the artists and volunteers.  Thank you volunteers and staff!

Gigspots will continue to book bands, produce events and tours, and bring you the latest in music news, videos, show and music reviews.  Watch for a revised version of the website to debut in August and catch us at shows and festivals around the mid-Atlantic!

8 thoughts on “Au Revior LRB

  1. I think your contributions and efforts were substantial, Sam. I know that several of my favorite bands that I saw were there because of you. And I personally saw how long/hard you worked. Things don’t always work out the way we would like them to. But know what you’re much appreciated for promoting live music and musicians. Thanks for all that you do for the scene, brother!

  2. Sorry to hear the disappointing news, Sam. Hang in there. New and better days are coming, and who knows what strange and delicious delights they’ll bring? You’ll rebound from this and use the experience you’ve gained for some greater purpose. No doubt. In any case, you’re still the (good) man, and that is nothing you should ever feel blue or down about.

    All the best … David

  3. Well, it looks like you’ll have to concoct a way to host your own music festival! I wouldn’t know any man better suited for the job. Chin up!

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