LRB Inside-Out: When the Music’s Over…

“Well, the music is your special friend…” Jim Morrison

Ah, Jim.  I thought about him several times this weekend and of countless other artists who have shaped who I am.  I worked hard this weekend to honor the musicians past and present who have shared and were sharing their inspirations.  More than anything I worked to share the joys of live music and my beloved Lancaster with the thousands of visitors who came to town.  Thank you Rich Ruoff: for the great gift of letting me help you to realize your vision.  Live music is better.

Now, I crank up the thank-you machine.  A baker’s dozen of restaurants donated over 170 meals to help feed our artists and I can’t tell you how impressed and appreciative they were of your fine food and hospitality.  Thank you Annie Bailey’s, Carr’s, Characters, Isaac’s, Dispensing Company, Federal Taphouse, Penn Square Grille, POUR, Rachel’s Creperie, Roaring Brook Market & Café, Sakura Asian Fusion & Sushi, Stockyard Inn, and 551 West.  A very special thank you to The Pressroom who took our phone call at 11:30pm when it was obvious that Lake Street Dive would be signing autographs well beyond the operating hours of every restaurant in town.  I hope my readers reward all of you and themselves with frequent visits.

All the artists at both The Ware Center and Chameleon were also fed by our VIP Caterers: Accomac Events and Food For Thought Catering.  The bands and the VIPs all raved about your food.  I worked for both companies as I put myself through college so I know the intense labor, skill and faith required to cater events like this.  Immense thanks and praise to you both!  I’m truly sorry our signage wasn’t better so that more VIPs could have found and enjoyed your remarkable work.

Bullfrog Brewery and Kirchner’s Beverage made it possible for us to serve quality regional beers at the convention center.  It was important to us.  It literally would not have happened without them.  Bullfrog also donated all the beer for our backstage areas.  Kirchner’s donated the beer for the VIP area at The Ware Center and all the tapping equipment.   I’m praying to the beer gods that these two fine companies form a lasting partnership.  I love Williamsport and will take any excuse to visit.  But it’s kind of a hike to fill a growler.  I know Tellus 360 might have a keg left of Hopsphyxcitration and Jamie from The Fridge reveres Bullfrog’s Edgar IPA.  Craft beer lovers, let’s cross our fingers.

We distributed nearly 8,000 festival programs.  Weren’t they beautiful?  Locals took one look at it and said, “Wow, you got Fig to make your programs?!”  It felt great to know that Fig’s style is so widely recognized and admired here in town.  There was never any question in our minds who we wanted to help brand our festival and show off Lancaster.  I can’t wait to further celebrate the partnership next week as Fig Lancaster launches their first-ever Music Issue 3/6/14 with a party and concert at Tellus 360.  It’s free and open to the public so come get your first look at how Fig celebrates our music scene!

Besides Fig, Accomac and Food For Thought, our other sponsors large and small delivered equipment, expertise and funding that allowed us to dream big and make it reality.  Thank you to LCSWMA, Atomic Design, Meteor Tower, Country Home Furnishings, Miesse Candies, Parkhill Jewelry, Red Raven Art Company, Spring Gulch Folk Festival, Tri State Indie, WXPN and Willow Valley Communities.  Thank you to Crystal Water, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Standard Group Printing.  And thank you to our venues for serving our guests so admirably.  It was a big leap of faith by you all and we appreciate it!

Finally, I must thank the music fans who visited Lancaster Roots and Blues.  You were very patient with our first try at this.  The buzz in our streets and the joy on your faces kept us going.  I promise that 2015 will be bigger and better.  We welcome your feedback because we want to welcome you back next year with all the kinks worked out.  Please stay tuned and keep spreading the word; Lancaster rocks and Live Music is Better!

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