Lancaster Roots and Blues Inside Out Volume II: Finally February!

It’s finally February!  Holy cow I thought January would never end with the cold and snow. February started with a downright heat wave over the weekend with temps nearing fifty.  Old Phil socked it to us though and now it’s three storms this week.  But who cares?  No bit of weather is going to keep me from being psyched about Lancaster Roots and Blues being just over two weeks away.

Downtown restaurants and stellar caterers have really stepped up to help us welcome and feed our musicians and VIPs.  The deal was that restaurants would offer meals for musicians in exchange for ad space on our website and program.  We want our players to have great experiences here and we want our favorite places to benefit from all the extra potential customers in town.  Think about the places you take your visiting friends to eat.  A cool dozen have partnered with us already and I’m looking for more.  Check our website to see if your favorite is there and let me know if it’s not!

We have over 100 volunteers signed up to load, take tickets/ID, sell merchandise and drive musicians from stage to restaurant to stage and back.  We have stage managers and sound techs.  If you have these skills or know someone who does, ask them and yourself if you’re on the list.  If you’re a pro or have some niche, we want to hear from you.  Who wants a press pass to shoot some photos and videos?

On that subject: not a single photography/videography company in town has sought advertising or credentials with us.  Are you shooters really going to let all these artists come to town and not even get something for your portfolio?  RSVP.

February might be a short, dark month to most but it’s always been more than that to me.  My birthday is 2/19 and when Rich was hosting the Blues Festivals at Chameleon, I discovered he was also born 2/19.  This year we’re saving the celebration for 2/21 but it will last two days.

the Lonelies tour

My Gigspots Showcase at DipCo on Saturday 2/8 will resonate for two weeks and get me through until Roots and Blues.  I’m hosting The Lonelies Tour as my regional gems.  They’re not a band; they don’t have a website or merch.  They’re six pedigreed mutts who got together to jam when their respective bands and solo tours were on hiatus and discovered they’re a powerhouse show together.  Be ready to say, “Holy shit.  Where did you say they were from?  What happened?”  My local treasures for the night are the waycool Second Hand Suits.  They are a band.  They meld time, style and sound fluently.  Come see the $20 show I’m offering for just $5 at the door.

I also am taking two mornings away from LRB prep to help my heroes at WXPN by answering phones during their fund drive 2/10-11.  I want to be there when the phones light up because they’re offering a pair of VIP Weekend tickets to Lancaster Roots and Blues for certain pledge levels.  I also like to do my best for the station that brightens every day, invests in our community and enriches my musical character.  If you’re not a supporting member, please consider a membership.  Tune in some Saturday afternoon during the all-request show and hear what kind of community you’ll be joining.  It’s a card worth carrying.  Of course WXPN is partnering with Roots and Blues.  Who did you think it would be?

My last night out before LRB will be at the fabulous Tri State Indie Awards 2/16 at World Cafe Live in Philly.  It’s the third annual and I truly loved the first two!  It blows away the Grammy’s.  Being a presenter makes me feel like both host and guest and whoa is it a party, a concert and an awards show rolled up tight.  LRB artists Cabinet, Sweet Leda and Jake Lewis & The Clergy are nominated.  Mike McMonagle and Tellus 360 are nominated.  Other Gigspots favorites like Kalob Griffin Band, Ali Wadsworth, The Levee Drivers, Kuf Knotz, MiZ, Joy Ike and The Districts are looking to win or even repeat.  It’s a rocking night and should bounce me through to LRB.  I’ll let you know 2/17!

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