Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t Be Afraid

Life sure can be scary sometimes.  The airwaves and internet are full of hate and danger.  Your life can be peachy one moment and pits the next.  Right now, pause for a second and think of your favorite song.  How much does that four minute song mean to you?

I know it means a lot more than four minutes.  You associate it with some of your best times and the memories flood back.  Perhaps it’s a person you recall or a place.  Other people choose a favorite song because of what it says.  The lyric speaks to them, about them, for them.

Music doesn’t live in a vacuum and neither do we.  We live in each other.  If a song is played in the forest and no one hears it, is it still music?  When you hear that song you love, do you think about yourself sitting alone with your ear buds?  Of course not: you engage your emotions and let your mind wander.  It knows the way.  Music revealed it.

If four minutes can have that kind of power, can give that kind of power, what might two hours do?  I dare you to go to a show and find out.  It might cost you $5.  You might hear that song: the one you know or the one you’ve been looking for.  Don’t be afraid.

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