The Longest 170 Miles in the World

The Longest 170 Miles in the World

I like to drive.  I cover a lot of ground running Gigspots: following bands, checking out venues, finding cool destinations.  With family and friends spread from Philly to Pittsburgh, from the Poconos to the Potomac, I log many miles staying in touch.  This week I revisited the longest 170 miles I know.

We live in Lancaster, PA and vacation annually in Ocean City, MD.  Most 170 mile drives I know can be covered in 2.5-3.0 hours.  This trek is a solid four.  There are basically two ways to get there: coastal or inland once you get south of Wilmington, DE.  As two million people make the drive in or out on Saturday, you discover the folly of just two routes.  From Lewes, DE to OCMD becomes the coast’s biggest parking lot.

Of course, what makes the drive seem even longer is the fact that the in-route is what’s between you and vacation and the out-bound path leads you back to reality.  Both are enough to make a mellow man bitch.

I’m lucky enough to love my reality.  I reflected on this on the long drive home.  I have a home. My family loves me.  We found the time and funds to vacation again this year.  Everyone got home safely.  And now I get to start chasing the music again.

Many of my friends don’t have what I have.  Some are struggling with health and happiness issues you wouldn’t wish on anyone.   And millions of people I don’t know deal with harsh realities every day.  I remember these things as I try to build my business.  To me, it’s all about paying it forward.

These bands need a chance.  These club owners employ people.  Everyone needs a little more joy in their life.  Support live music and make the world a better place.  Treat yourself to a mini-vacation by letting the music take you away.

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