Vacation Rocks!

Vacation Rocks!

Does it seem unfair that I take vacation?  My job is going to concerts, hanging out with bands and checking out cool music venues.  Who would need a break from that?  Well, vacations are about relaxing and regrouping.  My wife and daughter both work hard on a daily basis and often they are getting home just as I’m leaving.  With Kate entering her junior year at Temple, who knows if this might be the last summer for a while that we can get away together.  I love those two and love taking a week where it’s about us!

How lucky for me that OCMD hosts tons of live music!  We arrived on Saturday knowing that Pirate Rob and DNL Productions had sailed in Thursday.  Two of his heavy-hitter bands, Pasadena and Bond and Bentley, were trading poolside gigs at Riptide Pool Bar and Bixby’s.  On Sunday night, 25 bands of every description converged on The Party Block for DNL’s Blockstock IV. $10 got you three stages filled with rap, hip-hop, metal, rock and soul.  These are party bands with party fans!

Party Block is a nightclub that covers an entire city block.  The bands were divided among three separate rooms so sound from one stage didn’t bleed over the others.  I hung at the Big Kahuna stage to see Bumpin’ Uglies, Lovebettie, Sweet Leda, Bond and Bentley and Pasadena.  These bands kick major ass and their styles complement each other seamlessly.  I was bummed that 21+ meant Kate couldn’t join me.  She’ll be ready for next year.

Monday night pulled me hard in two directions.  We vacation with two other families we love dearly and Monday night was scheduled to be all-in dinner.  We have some serious cooks and bartenders in our crew and we do it up right.  Meanwhile, Garrett Dutton (aka G. Love) was playing solo acoustic at Seacrets.  G. Love (and his band Special Sauce) is arguably the most significant, unique and entertaining act I have followed in the last fifteen years.  I don’t know what you would do, but I chose dinner with the family.  We ate, drank and laughed ourselves into a fine blend and cheered team USA at the Olympics.

More concerts will come.  I will only have one trip to OCMD with my families in 2012.  All the YOLO shirts on the boardwalk keep reminding me; choose what will last because few things do.

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