Thanks for a Great Weekend!

This past weekend proved again that Lancaster, PA is home to many talented musicians and fine music venues and within striking distance of a ton more.  I had to take a moment to thank them all for a great weekend!

My weekend started on Thursday; that’s the way this Gigspotter rolls.  I traveled down to The Cove York, PA for‘s Weekly Artist Showcase, their last for the season.  R.J. Moody played a spirited acoustic set and was joined by resonator-master Jeff Hostetter on a few.  Then Shane Speal electrified the joint with his outrageous cigar-box guitar playing.  To top off the evening, Michael Males, Jeff Hostetter and Chad Flaharty (the American Hollar trio aka Buck) enlisted Shane and R.J. for some rousing jamming.  The Cove is a great place to see a show.  Their beer selection is remarkable and their beef brisket is peerless this side of Texas.  Showcases are on hiatus until October but Blues Mondays, Jazz Tuesdays and Open-Mic Wednesdays are still rolling!

Friday night brought Cabinet to Chameleon Club in Lancaster.  It was thrilling to see my favorite club explode with people dancing and cheering!  I could wax on for hours about the musicianship and charisma of this band.  Here’s a link to my show review from Tri State Indie:

Cabinet was opening for Delta Rae.  I’ll have to catch them some other time because when Cabinet finished, I bailed for McCleary’s Pub in Marietta.  Corty Byron was back in town from CA and hosted events there all week.  Friday night was “Corty Byron and Friends” and boy, does he have a ton of talented friends!  He was joined onstage that night by dozens including Scott Frenchek, Dave Lefever, Gene Pelland, Leo DiSanto, Jeff Bryson, Loretta Bilieux, Chad Kinsey and Bobby Lawson: local heavy-hitters all!  Corty is a super-talented singer and guitarist and seems to know every song ever written.

Saturday night started for me by celebrating a great friend and neighbor, Mike Gics.  It was his birthday and we got to play poker, smoke big cigars and drink cheap beer: a perfect Mike night.  If you’ve ever had a lousy neighbor, you know what a blessing it is to have a great one and Gics is Great!

When the poker got serious, I headed for Lancaster Dispensing Company and Leo DiSanto’s event: The Lancaster Original Music Review II.  Leo and Jeff Bryson were hosts and the night featured sets by Mike Lebess, Andrew Gray, Dave Lefever, Jessica Smucker and the hosts themselves.  The night had the perfect ending: an all-sing of Woody Guthrie’s classic, “This Land is Your Land.”

Now that’s a Gigspotter weekend!


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