The Heart and Soul of Gigspots

Originally posted May 4, 2012.  My heart and soul are still on board.  Are you?

The Heart and Soul of Gigspots

I met a lot of interesting people over the LAUNCH weekend.  One of them asked me to describe my exact vision for Gigspots.  Most people just ask me how I expect to make money doing it.  I gave it a few days thought, did my prewriting, and sent him the following.  Now I’m sharing it with you.  I’m glad to say that my passions and priorities have not changed since I began this a year ago.  I must say that I have learned many lessons, some harder than others.  Give me some feedback and help me continue to learn.

What are my passions that drove me to create Gigspots?

I love to bring people together for good times.

I love the experience of live music performances and want to share it.

I want to encourage young people to explore their world and socialize.  Social networking is not the same thing as socializing and young people need guidance to find positive social venues.

I want to make it easier for people of my generation to find bands, venues and destinations they might enjoy.  For someone not raised on computers, the Internet can be intimidating/frustrating.  You Google “live music” and get 40 million hits.  You turn on the TV.

I want my friends in bands to be able to find audiences, network and keep playing.

I want my friends who work in the restaurant, entertainment and tourism industries to stay employed and make profits.  Nothing pains me more than seeing a restaurant or live music venue close.

What are the core values of Gigspots?

Familiarity: I want people to see Gigspots (the website, blog, Twitter and Facebook page) as the place where they find and share great music, travel opportunities and social happenings.  I hope it becomes a platform where people interact and build trust and familiarity across the region.

Trust:  If I say a venue/town is friendly, clean, reasonably priced, safe and accommodating, it needs to be true.  I personally visit and inspect every place I represent and report what people can expect when they get there.  I build relationships with venue owners, chambers of commerce, hotels and tourism bureaus so they will roll out the welcome mat.  It often leads to discoveries I might have missed just rolling into town.

Discovery:  In one year I have discovered dozens of bands and venues I might never have found randomly.  People love to learn and experience new pleasures; they also love the satisfaction of recommending those experiences to friends.

Music and the Arts: Music, dance, performance arts, works of beauty and wonder, the culinary arts: these are the things that make us human on very basic biological, sociological and psychological levels. The interaction between performer and audience ignites the imagination.

The industrial age and our current age of technology, I fear, have led to an isolation and resigned attitude that individuals have little power, freedom and choice.  The image of everything is a click away.  But virtual experience is not true experience.  I think encouraging people to experience performances and socialization can combat this.  We all need to gather around the campfire and play in the shadows, shimmy and croon.  It’s what mankind has done since we harnessed fire.

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