Splashdown: My Crash After LAUNCH


I awoke Monday morning as I usually do since starting Gigspots: eager to do my rock and roll thing!   I figured I’d write my blog while uploading some of the great videos I shot at LAUNCH over the weekend.  I pulled the memory card from the camera and stuffed it into the laptop and ooofah! Dozens of thumbnails that should have shown Joy Ike, Kurt Scobie and JD Eicher playing a breath-taking show at Mosaic instead showed !ERROR!.  WTF!?  I was devastated.  I scrambled through all the troubleshooting guides only to realize that if I had loaded from the camera instead of pulling the memory card, I might have been able to repair/salvage the videos.  My brilliant flight through LAUNCH had splashed down hard.

As usual, I started beating myself up pretty badly.  I had spent too much money over the weekend, I didn’t sell any Gigspots shirts, I didn’t really draw a crowd, was it all worth it, I’m a loser.  While I was chasing shows all over town, two venues I had been recruiting hard emailed to say they weren’t interested in joining my site.  They said it looked more like a “band” site than a “Venue” site.  I had met a representative of ReverbNation at LAUNCH and told him how my site compared to theirs and how mine offered several advantages to regional bands and venues.  I realized later I had been talking to Lou Plaia, co-founder of ReverbNation.  That made me a loser and an ass.  If the dog had not had a vet appointment that morning, I might have gone to play in the street.

The vet gave me a gold star for the health of my dog but the glow only lasted until I got home.  I didn’t want to blog, check email, post events on Facebook or upload videos anymore.  My camera and laptop were mocking me.  It all felt so pointless.  I tried to tell myself it was just the post-concert blues: a low after many highs.  I knew I needed distraction.  As I often do when reality gets too scary, I abandoned it and ran for some fiction.

Have you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?  It might not be your kind of story but I found it brilliant and quite distracting in a scary, morality-challenging way.  It shook me like an old rug and reminded me that life is nothing but loose threads: some woven together, some undone.  So besides the annoying threads I mentioned from Monday morning, here are some others that helped string me back together.

My dog is happy, healthy and in love with me.  Dogs are great!

My wife and daughter are happy and healthy and love me.  They are kind, patient women.

Pete Bush and Hoi Polloi finally played Lancaster.  We hit Neptune and they crashed at my place.

Lovebettie finally played Lancaster: the main stage at Chameleon Club no less!

I got 30 new Likes on my page www.facebook.com/Gigspots during LAUNCH.

Four new bands have signed onto www.Gigspots.com since LAUNCH.

Mark DeRose won the TV I gave away at my vendor booth and everyone cheered for him.

I finally got to hear Joy Ike sing live.  WOW!  JD Eicher and Kurt Scobie also wowed me!

Here’s the one that got me wrapped back together the most.  On Thursday eve before the Slimfit/Rusted Root show, I was killing time at Annie Bailey’s.  I struck up a conversation with this young man who also had LAUNCH credentials.  He told me he was in a band and they were playing.  He didn’t tell me his name, or the name of his band, or where they were playing, but he was a nice young man.  I kept seeing him all through the weekend and just as I was about to leave Chameleon Saturday night, there he was again.  He said, “You can’t leave now.  My band is up next.”  It turns out that his name is Eric Hinerdeer (really) and he plays bass for Face for Radio.  This band blew me away from the first four measures.  After three songs, I texted a friend who stages shows and told him to check them out asap.

Just twenty minutes after finishing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I got email notification that Eric had tagged me in a post on Facebook.  Face for Radio had just been booked to play World Café Live Philly in June and he gave Gigspots a thank-you shout-out.

So I might be a loser and an ass; but if I could help a young band catch a break, I didn’t have to focus on it!  I stashed the book, took the dog for a walk, and then cranked up some Pete Bush while I made dinner to share with my wife.

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