My LAUNCH Schedule aka 12 places at once!

My LAUNCH Schedule

Aka Trying to Be in Twelve Places at Once

I have blogged repeatedly about loving my job.  The one issue that keeps popping up is trying to pick what shows to attend and which bands will have to wait for another day.  Can you imagine the tantrums I’m throwing over LAUNCH with 180+ bands in twelve venues?  I am truly grateful for the high-tech help this year: the downloadable schedule from  Now where is that time machine?!

I will be at Lancaster Convention Center to pick up my packet and weekend badges promptly at 5pm Thursday.  I will then buy discounted tickets for Slimfit and Rusted Root in Freedom Hall and treat myself to dinner and drinks while I wait for the show to start.  Then it’s home to bed to prepare for a long, raucous weekend!

Friday I will be at LCC early to load-in for my vendor booth at the trade show.  I hope to stir some interest for the website and plan to meet many interesting people.  I also fancy myself an amateur tour guide and plan to have city maps and Fig magazines to share with our weekend guests.  I’m giving away a TV, selling Gigspots gear and handing out promo items.  The show is 10:30-4:30 both Friday and Saturday and is FREE and OPEN to the public!  Come say hi!

When the trade show closes on Friday, I’m headed directly to Marion Court Room.  I’m meeting my wife and a gang of friends there for dinner.  My musical tour starts there as well: Mark DeRose at 6pm, The Levee Drivers at 6:30, and Dana Alexandra at 7pm.  When Dana finishes, we are all headed to The Taproom.

Music is not a regular feature at Spring House Taproom so I’m digging it and want to show support.  Maybe they’ll do it more often!  Starting at 8pm, three of my 2011 favorites are performing back-to-back: Amanda Wells, Mike McMonagle and Pete Bush and The Hoi Polloi.  I would love a night where they each get 90 minutes but will gladly settle for seeing them all together.  Promoters: this would make a great line-up for a big show!  Locals: I know you love and support Amanda and Mike.  GO SEE PETE!  You can and will thank me later. Their jazzy/Latin/rock sound is inescapable and luscious!  ROCK!

When Hoi Polloi finishes, we all dash to Chameleon for The Felice Brothers.  They are the coolest, wackiest, least pretentious and most entertaining band I’ve ever seen and you never know what they might do next.  Their songs crack me up and break me down.  If you know them, see you there.  If they are new to you, Friday night at Chameleon could change your life.  You’ll definitely dance and have some laughs, anyway and you might learn something about life.

After trade show Saturday, it’s dinner and drinks with friends and then over to Mosaic’s venue.  My days of “just missing” a show by Joy Ike are over!  Music there starts at 6:15 with Kurt Scobie, an alleged piano-playing wildcat.  JD Eicher and The Goodnights follow him with some pop/rock from Pittsburgh.  Joy has won “Best Solo Artist” four years in a row in Pittsburgh and I’m thrilled to finally be catching up to her.

When Joy finishes at Mosaic, it’s another dash to Chameleon.  Lovebettie is finally playing there; I’ve been begging for them for over a year.  Folks, this is a good-time band.  Come see what Swagger Rock is all about and you will Lovebettie too!  Two other impressive-sounding rock bands follow Lovebettie: The Resort and Hot Jam Factory.  I know I will be there at least through their performances and then, who knows?  To me, the mystery of discovery is almost as intriguing as the music.  I hope to see you there!

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