A Telling Tuesday

As I prepare to make the most of LAUNCH Music Conference in ten days, I have a million things to do and some decisions to finalize.  What should I display?  What will be my “pitch?”  Should I have free giveaways?  Should I have merchandise?  How can I make the biggest impact?  How can I help the thousands of people who will be visiting Lancaster to find their way around and enjoy themselves?

In the midst of all this, I have made some very interesting new connections.  I also had a visit from a favorite cousin I rarely get to see.  All of them wanted to know the same thing: what is Gigspots all about and how does it work?  I hoped that in telling them, I could figure it out myself.

Gigspots is all about helping people.  If you have a band, I can promote you on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and my website for free.  I can help you find an audience and help create buzz wherever you are about to play.  I will share all your events/gigs and I will make public any videos I shoot of your performances.  That means you can download them and use them however you wish.  As you approach a gig at a venue I work with, I will be posting videos to show people what they can expect from your show. You can use my Facebook page as your band’s bulletin board.

If you have a venue, count on me to help you draw a crowd.  I grew up in the restaurant business.  My father had two sayings; “It’s about pennies,” and “If you have good help, everything else will take care of itself.”  I want to be your good help.  I know your budget is tight and there never seems to be enough time.  A profile page on my website will have a big return for a tiny investment.  In fact, right now I am building pages for venues for free.  Does that fit your budget?  I can build and maintain a page that has your location (Google mapped), bio, pictures, menu, links to all your social media and your calendar of events.  You can post your daily specials if you like.  It’s all about helping you show off your place in ways that a print ad will never achieve.

If you are a fan of live music, the arts, travel, dining or all of the above, Gigspots is your site.  I hope to be your answer when you ask, “Who’s in town tonight?” or, “I wonder what’s going on with that band?” or “I wonder what venue X is really like?”  I am doing my best to find and offer you discounts on tickets, travel, dining, lodging and anything else that might be part of your experience.  Right now, you can save 10% on a room at The Lancaster Arts Hotel if you mention Gigspots when you book your room.

I do all this and more.  I am discovering new ways to help people and new services to offer almost daily.  Let me tell you, running a business is work.  But this is a labor of love!

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