What’s Your Day Job?

What’s Your Day Job?

It always catches me off-guard when I’m chatting with a band and they bring up their “day jobs.”  I forget that many of the musicians we enjoy at night have lives, families, jobs and the myriad other obligations that we all face.  Teachers, IT professionals and tradesmen lead the list of occupations for musicians I have interviewed but they come from all corners.  It seems that music allows them to bridge that left brain/right brain gap between productivity and creativity.

People often ask me what my days are like in running Gigspots.  Learning is still my number one priority.  As a teacher, I was discouraged from joining many social media sites.  Think about it; when you see the words “Facebook” and “teacher” together in a headline, you know the story is likely to be ugly.  In one year, I have gone from not having a Facebook account to spending 5-6 hours daily checking up on my various social media accounts.  It’s a pretty steep learning curve!

I joined Facebook to help plan my 30th high school reunion.  As the concept for Gigspots became a reality, I created a page for my business (www.facebook.com/gigspots).  I began by Liking every band, venue and organization that I enjoyed and Sharing their events.  My list has grown substantially and I spend hours helping to promote all the music and art events in our area.  Please continue to post your events on my page and to share your feedback, pictures and links.  I will give them my attention and share them.

I go to a lot of shows and when I get the band’s and venue’s permission, I video them.  I created a YouTube channel to post the videos and have shared almost 250.  I probably have another 100 unposted and I continue to shoot.  Here’s a link to a recent favorite: The Kalob Griffin Band playing a new song, “Cut Me Down,” at MilkBoy Philly:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRe1RJwEQGY&feature=plcp&context=C456d41aVDvjVQa1PpcFPbCIVSLTGcFylB79lXgJQZrwf7gwq1zO8=

I am always searching for new bands to help.  If you know a band or are in a band that would like me to shoot a show, please reach out.

Bands can always create a free profile page on my site.  There they can post links, pictures, bio and upcoming shows for the calendar.  Part of my job is supporting the bands and making sure their gigs are posted.  I have introduced bands to each other for potential sharing of gigs.  I also have had great luck connecting touring bands with venues whose calendar suddenly has a void or finding gigs for bands on their “travel days.”  For instance, a Pittsburgh band may be playing Philly Friday and NYC Saturday.  A gig on Thursday or Sunday could turn the trip from a break-even venture into a chance to find a new audience, connect and broaden their reach.

The worlds of Facebook and YouTube haven’t proven as scary or mind-numbing as many people warned me but learning the ins-and-outs continues to challenge me.  I would welcome your advice!  I am currently working on some recent good advice: organizing my YouTube channel into Playlists and adding more pictures to my Facebook page.  If you don’t think that’s a job, come help!

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