Time Machine or Jetson Car?

What would you give to be in two or three places at once?  Would you fly one of those rocket cars like they had on The Jetson’s cartoons?  This is another weekend in the Lancaster area where either a time machine or a Jetson car would help me a lot.  There are four great shows to choose from tonight and it’s only Thursday!

Mike McMonagle has been doing some small acoustic shows at Quips once a month and tonight he’s joined by another crew of excellent players.  It’s a fun little joint with excellent food and pint specials every night.  There is no cover charge.

Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company (Harrisburg) has local greats Buzzchopper opening for new-wave folk-punks The Front Bottoms tonight.  I’ve heard their music on WXPN and it’s infectious fun with a real bounce, all the while using mostly acoustic instruments.  Their sound is very unique and I’ll bet they go nuts playing live.  This show is $10 but I bought a season pass so I could get in for free.  What a great investment that pass was!

At The Cove in York, My Rural Radio.com presents one of their featured artists every Thursday.  Their website features over 400 indie artists or every genre of music.  Trust me, when they decide to showcase somebody on Thursday, it’s worth the trip.  Or don’t trust me; go to www.myruralradio.com and see for yourself.  As for The Cove: the beer list is extensive, not expensive and the brisket melts in your mouth.  It is absolutely my favorite new place to eat in York.

At The River Street Jazz Cafe in Plains, PA is The Giants of Leisure.  Tell me that’s not a great name for a band!  They bill themselves as “blues-funk-rock rowdies.”  Who wouldn’t want to see that?  I know The Jazz is 2.5 hours north of Lancaster, but I’m headed that way anyway.  And it would only take five minutes in a Jetson car anyway!

So…no Jetson car and no time machine are the realities holding me back.  I could choose one somehow: proximity, price, posse I’m likely to draw.  But the other reality is that I am choosing NONE of the above.  Why?  Well, music isn’t my only hobby and loud isn’t my only kind of fun.

Trout season opens in the mountains this weekend and the family has a property just outside of Williamsport.  My faithful dog Prudence and I are communing with nature this weekend: and some hard-fishing, beer-drinking, bonfire-burning pals of mine.

Yes, I will also miss great shows here Friday and Saturday nights (including Toy Soldiers at DipCo OUCH!). But I will be a better listener for it after some time in the water and under the stars.


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