Look and Feel Younger! Be Happier!

I went to a lot of shows in my first year running Gigspots.  I hadn’t really thought about it but  damn, there are a lot of fit, stylish, happy people at concerts!  What makes me say this?  One trip to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, the bank or my local grocery is all it takes.  I know about that “People of Wal-Mart” YouTube but nothing compares to seeing that side of life in person.

My dad lost his sight the same year I was born.  In all my life, I never saw my dad judge someone by their appearance.  “They all look the same to me,” is what he would say.  It was a valuable life-lesson and one I try to adhere to.  As a teacher, it was invaluable to me to treat every student the same no matter what they looked like, how they dressed or how they wore their hair.

How is it that people in nightclubs and lounges seem to fall into the happier, healthier segment of the population?  It certainly isn’t their diet.  Have you seen the portions of food our restaurants serve?  Everyone knows alcohol is loaded with empty calories.  Even if beer and wine in moderation offer healthy benefits, moderation makes rare appearances when the bands don’t come on until 10pm.  A buzz might enhance your mood but it’s not going to trim your waistline.

I’m no scientist but my research leads to one conclusion.  Socializing with music boosts your metabolism and your mood.  When it leads to dancing, so much the better.  Throw in some food and wine and you have recreated all the purest, most basic pleasures that mankind knows down to its earliest biological roots.  Food; shelter; companionship; entertainment.  It’s the work of the Muses.  It’s the gathering of the tribes.  You connect in ways that humans have enjoyed for 10,000 years and it makes you happy.

So go get a burger and a beer at your nearest open mic night.  Spend the $5 to get into a club with live music and a dance floor.  Do this three times a month and watch the frown lines fade and the flab melt away.  OK: no guarantees on the last one and no, it doesn’t stop hair loss either.  But you hate going to the gym and what do you spend on that every month?


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