You May Be a Winner!

You May Be a Winner!

I get to do more than go to shows at LAUNCH this year.  After one year of building Gigspots, I can afford the time and money to have a vendor booth.  I’m looking forward to thousands of musicians and music-industry types milling around me, looking for something cool to check out.  I want it to be Gigspots.

I know I need something to draw attention and it won’t be my looks.  My friends who attend these kinds of things regularly say I need a killer giveaway.  “People always flock to the booths giving away cool stuff” they say.  I saw some great examples of this at the Tri State Indie Awards in February: drink cozies, key chains, stickers, music download cards, etc.  They were all cool and free to me, my favorite price.  One of my favorites was a pair of retractable audio ear buds.  Here’s what they might look like with my logo on them.  But if I need 1,000, that’s $4,000 I would just give away.  If I could afford that, I would. That’s 10x my budget!

Then I thought, I could buy 100 and give away a pair every 15 minutes.  That would make 100 people happy and get my logo on the streets.  But how would I choose who gets a pair?

My brilliant wife came up with this idea; raffle one big-ticket item.  She attended a big business conference where one company was raffling off a portable printer the size of a paper towel tube.  All you had to do was drop your business card in the hopper.  Lots of people were standing there checking it out and the business rep had their attention to talk about his business.  What was her idea for a prize? A flat-screen TV!

My wife is brilliant and the idea works on a lot of levels.  I could put a big “Win Me!” sign on the TV and use it to display my website.  As people come over to see the screen, I could be collecting their band/brand/venue info and talking up my site.  A TV is a great prize and it would draw a lot of attention.  There are downsides to this plan, though.  Only one person wins.  My logo is not displayed.  I have to drag the TV in/out of the vendor area and I have to hope the winner is present or I have to ship it to them.

A compromise could be to raffle off the ear buds: say, one pair every 15 minutes.  Would it be enough for people to give up their contact info and stick around?

I sure could use some advice!  If you are reading this, want me to have a good conference and want to be a winner, share your thoughts on my vendor dilemma.  Maybe you have ideas that would work better than what we have so far.

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