Gigspots: Year One

One year ago today, March 28, 2011, I had made my decision to leave the classroom and become self-employed.  I had been developing the idea for for almost a year and the website was nearing completion.  LAUNCH Music Conference III was opening in three weeks and I had fliers ready for the attendees’ swag bags.  It was a gorgeous spring day and all seemed right with the world.  My website was about to be born!  My missions: make it easy for bands, fans and venues to connect and to save the economy one gig at a time.

As I reflect on year one, I have a ton of vivid memories: mostly good ones.  Some of my high expectations were met.  The music scene is teeming with fresh and familiar talented performers throughout PA, MD, DE, and NJ!  It seemed like I had found my niche in the market and people loved the idea of one site where they could get the latest info for many shows in their area.

Some of my doubts were assuaged.  My students used to bust on me for not being very tech-savvy.  I didn’t even have a Facebook and was just learning how to text!  Could I really run a website, two Facebook pages, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account and a blog?  Well, here I am; take a look!

Many things happened that I did not foresee in the least.  Who knew how kind and helpful some people would be with no reward in it for them?  Who knew that some people would resist joining my venture even while I offered them everything for free?  Who knew that in many ways (good and bad), the real world was just like high school?

Wow, it’s been a big year!  I could fill five blogs with thank –you’s but actions speak louder than words.  If you’re with me, count on even bigger support from me in the next year.  If you’re not with me, let’s just say “not yet” for now.

I attended over 50 shows and met a lot of very talented musicians!  With their permission, I filmed many of the shows and created a YouTube channel.  Bands used those videos to self-promote and I posted them on venue Facebook pages.  People who were there could relive the memory.  People who missed it could see what they missed.  When bands were headed somewhere I knew, I could post a video as a preview of their upcoming show.  It seems to be a big hit and a step in the right direction.

Count on my continued reposting on Facebook of all the events you invite me to. When I would do Facebook Check-ins at shows, it seemed to draw a lot of response.  I just joined the Twittersphere to be even timelier with that.  Follow me: and I don’t just mean on Twitter.  Come out to some shows!

Most recently, I launched this blog.  It’s a place for us to share: not for me to lecture.  I’ll tell you the same things I always told my students.  If I’m lecturing, stop me.  If you have something for the good of the group, bring it up.  If I need to know something, please tell me.  I became a better teacher as I listened to my students and I’m confident I will become a better Gigspotter if I listen to you.

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